Where Can I Get Help Writing Songs?

Sometimes you sit down with your guitar and find yourself writing a song as if you were fishing in a pond and just caught it on your line.  That’s a great feeling, and many hit songs have been written this way over the decades.  However, if you are going to be a decently successful songwriter on a daily basis, you are going to have times when it doesn’t go quite like that, and that is where a little collaboration might come in handy.  Now, if you have family or friends (or a band, better yet) that are into this sort of thing, well, that is obviously the first place you ought to start.  It can be hard to find someone who is in to exactly what you are, and even if you do, there are scheduling conflicts and all of that.  It’s hard to get a band together for the same reasons, and even more difficult to keep a band together.  Fortunately, the Internet is here with other ways to get help writing songs on your schedule in a way that is beneficial for all parties.

For When You Know Exactly What You Need

So you have the music, but you need lyrics.  Or you have the lyrics but you don’t have a clue what to do with the music.  These are easy situations here.  There are tons of websites and forums that exist just to help people get together on these types of pairings.  Maybe you are Elton John looking for your Bernie Taupin.  There are plenty of places to get started.  There are even sites that claim to create song lyrics with artificial intelligence.  Don’t know how much I would trust something like that, but you never know.  It might give you some sort of inspiration to set you off in the right direction.  Here’s some good sites to give a try if this is the sort of thing you are looking for:

  • Song Lyrics Generator – The title says it all.  This site will take into account a few answers to your questions and then spit you out your next #1 hit on the charts.  Like we said above, that’s probably fairly unlikely, and we’re not sure who gets the songwriting credit if it did work, but still, it can inspire you to look at things from a way that you hadn’t before.  It may be worth a look in a pinch.
  • Lyric Critique – This site is a general songwriting forum that helps connect people.  It also is a great place to get some constructive criticism about the ideas you already have.  These sorts of forums are nice because you can often peruse the lyrics out there without having to go to a lot of trouble or pay any money.  This way you can get an idea of whether the community there is going to be in line with what you are trying to do.
  • Muse Songwriters – Another great site for feedback and to find others of similar interests.  These are not just good for finding music or lyrics but for finding all sorts of general information about getting started in the business.  You may make some very important connections socializing on forums like this.

For When You Really Know Exactly What You Need

Maybe you have a song and you want a certain musical instrument in there that you don’t own or know how to play.  Maybe you want to see what another musician might do improvisationally in a certain instrumental break.  Well, the Internet is to the rescue here yet again.  Kompoz Music Collaboration is the place for you.  This site allows you to share your creation with the community and request certain parts for others to deliver on.  The great part is that it doesn’t have any effect on your original recording, and you can audition as many of these potential collaborations as you like.

This type of community songwriting is something that has been going on in bands and songwriting clubs for years, but the Internet brings a new level of convenience and the ability to connect over thousands of miles.  That means more people out there to possibly connect with.  That can never be a bad thing.  The best thing about this is while there is a premium element to it with upgraded features, you can do everything we just talked about without spending a dime.  It’s definitely worth checking out.

When You Just Need to Jam

There are a few websites out there that connect musicians over the net to actually have jam sessions.  You can connect a webcam if you like and use your computer’s audio interface to have a real-time jam session with other musicians anywhere in the world.  That’s impressive for sure, and there are those stories of bands using this type of application to actually hold rehearsals in different towns or even countries.  The caveat here is that you really need to have a great Internet connection to pull this off.  Not to mention the others you are jamming with will have to have great connections as well.

You are asking a lot from your bandwidth here.  You may be broadcasting video of yourself playing.  You are also sending audio, and maybe even holding a chatline open.  Then, on top of that, because you are playing in real time, you have to have as close to zero latency as possible.  Latency is what you hear gamers talking about when they say that hated word “Lag.”  There is always some latency in Internet applications, but when you are playing music together, it is going to be even more noticeable than ordinary activities.  Still, if you do have the right setup, this is a wonderful way to meet other musicians and collaborate on new ideas.  Just go to Google and type in “online jam session” and you will get plenty of results.  Some of the sites are free and some are paid sites.  You will have to try your luck and see what kind of results you get with them.  It varies depending on your connection, what you are trying to do, and where the site is in relation to you and the ones you want to play with.

No More Excuses

You see, there are no more excuses for you now.  You can’t blame not working on your songwriting on not having anyone around to play with.  You can’t blame it on not knowing how to write good lyrics or how to put the music together.  As long as you have something, you can use any of these strategies we have listed to get help writing songs.  So, get to it.  There’s not time like the present to get started.

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